Cuckold Training

"Honey.... i'm home!
There you are,.... my dear, dear, husband"

"We need to talk.
You need to sit down for this, in fact, kneel down.
That's it.
Just there, at my feet.
There are some changes we are going to make in our lovemaking,

As you know, I never have had any orgasms from intercourse.

Well, not with you anyway.

Stop interrupting!

It is because you, are, inadequate.

You will learn to pleasure me, with your mouth.

You will be required to lick me, whenever I say, and for as long as I say.

You are going to have to learn to please me, and please me, my, way.

In any way, that I want.

You will learn to lick my pussy, and my asshole, and make me come. You will do this everyday.
You will lick me, to orgasm. After orgasm.After orgasm.

Everyday.Until I come, all over your face.
Again, and, again, and again.

So this is your new role in this house.

You're going to learn to obey me.
Without question.

Do you understand?

You see….

I have become addicted, to cock.
So recently, I have taken a few lovers.
Yes, your, conservative, prim, and proper, shy wife, is a cock, addict.

Because I need it.

I started sucking men in bookstores.
Slurping, sucking, and swallowing their hot loads.
Then, I started to let them fuck me. Take me, use me, however they wanted.

I am addicted to cock, big,small, black, white, in fact, any cock that is not yours

You like my pretty little vagina don't you.

Look at my vagina. Look at it!…
It looks different now right?
Look how big it is.
You will be looking at it a lot from now on. As you worship it.

You have not seen it for a while, have you?
Look at it!
See how big it is?
I have been getting it stretched by big black cocks.

Smell it.
Yes, that's it, smell the juices, look how squelchy it is.


No, it is not ruined. Well, it maybe, ruined for you.
It is not a vagina anymore. It's a cunt.
It's now a hungry, dirty, cunt.
It has needs, needs that you can not satisfy.

Lick it.
That's it.
Oh yes, keep licking.



Keep licking.
I know it's creamy,
I have had a few loads in there, tonight.
Because I need it.
I will put your face right between my ass cheeks and grind my pussy and anus into your fucking face, to show you who’s the boss, in this household!

You are now a cuckold.
Do you know what that means?
Yes, It means, I will fuck whoever I want.
And there is nothing you can do... about it.

Yes, you are a cuckold and I am a cuckoldress,

Now. Go ahead, bury your tongue as far up my asshole as it will go.
do it now

That's right. You pathetic wimp!

Stick your tongue in deeper and lick me!

That's right.

I am fed-up with sneaking around, so now, you need to know your new place.

You will be my cuckold.
You will address me as Madame.
Or, Mistress.
Or Goddess.
Or Ms. Jones.
Yes, that's right, I am using my maiden name again. You are not worthy of having a woman take your name.

You will be required to wear a chastity belt, at all times.

I will wear the key, on a chain, around my ankle.

I will show this to people, and humiliate you, as much as I can.

Do you understand and agree?


Keep licking.
That's right.



Now, I will put my legs over your shoulders and layback to enjoy your service.
You will not stop until I say.

You, fucking, useless, Cuckold.

Do you understand?
“I’m so glad you’ve come to accept this,”

Now you will spend the rest of the evening naked, with your tongue up my asshole and in my pussy
Put your nose right here, and keep it there while we talk.

Or while I talk and you lick.

Do you understand?"

Yes, that's better.....

You are a natural born ass licker, but you need more practice. I will find people for you to practice on.

You don't deserve sex with me anymore.


I can hardly feel your little penis. I never have been able to.
So I won't bother.

I need a big cock to please me.

Sex between us has changed and you will continue to grow more and more submissive to me.

I intend to dominate you completely and I may never have sexual intercourse with you again.
You will be allowed to service me orally almost every day.
You will crave my taste.
My smell.

I am going to fuck, whomever, I please and you will have nothing to say about it......

I will come home, with come filled panties.
You will lick them clean.
Before I ride your face to orgasm.
My Orgasm.

Your penis is now completely under my control, and you will never be allowed to have an orgasm again, without my permission.

Do you understand?

Keep licking!

I resent you, for being such a poor lover.
I hate you for having a small penis.
I hate you for being a pathetic loser.
I have wasted years,with that small thing, and I am going to make you pay dearly for that.

Don't stop licking, I was nearly there.

I am going to beat you for that.


The idea of beating you makes my pussy so wet.
When I am finished whipping you, you will eat my pussy. Again.
And again.
and again.
Do you understand?


Now, I have the urge to pee, I will stand over you, and ride your face onto the floor.
Do you understand?

Ok, I intend to piss in your mouth and you will drink every drop.....
Do you understand?


Yes....That's better.

Swallow it.
Swallow it all.

Don't whimper!

You had better get used to the taste that is in your mouth right now. I intend to do it again whenever the urge hits.

Lick it clean.
Lick it!

I am in charge now! do you understand?

If I hear one word of protest from you, it will be at least a month, before I let you out of your chastity device again!!

Do you understand?

Now then, there are several men at the office, that are hitting on me constantly,..... Next Saturday night I am going out with Dave, you remember him don't you?
Yes, the black man from my office. The one that you don't like.

I have chosen him because you don't like him. I hope this will make it more, painful, for you.

I will let him fuck me.

Keep licking.
Don't you dare stop!

I will let him fuck me, over, and over.

I'm looking forward to getting fucked for more that five minutes at a time..... I hear that his cock is huge.

I can't wait to feel his thick cock, stretching me, pleasuring me, making me orgasm, again and again.


I will let him ejaculate inside me, your wife.
Your prim and proper wife. Your cock whore wife.

He will use me for his pleasure.

I hope he fills me with so much cum.

I will wear a pad to keep it all inside me.

Your prim and proper wife. Will be full of black come.
How does it feel?

When I come home Saturday night from my date, I want you to meet me at the door, naked and on your knees.
I will step up over your face, then place my pussy over your mouth.

You will suck Dave's sperm from my cunt, and then, and then I will piss down your throat to wash it all down.

Then you will thank me.

Do you understand?


Now what we will have is a female dominant relationship.

There will always be double standards we will live by. For instance, I will fuck as many men as I please while, you will stay locked in your chastity belt. I drink champagne while you drink my golden piss.

But you like my piss better anyway, don't you?"

You dirty cuckold toilet.

Your prim and proper wife's piss in your mouth.

Thank me!

Beg me to come on your face.

Your sex life from now on will be almost exclusively between your tongue and my ass and cunt. I will also allow my friends, my mother, and her friends to use you too.

They will grind on you.
They will dominate you.
You will do whatever they say

Do you understand?


They all think you are now, they can punish you. Whenever they are frustrated, or horny, you will be there to serve them.


They have been encouraging me to cheat on you.
Even your own mother and sister want me to do this.

They suggested that I bring lovers home, and let them ravage me in our marital bed.
I will be doing this.
On our marital bed.
Yes, our bed, well now, it is my bed.
You will sleep on the floor in the corner.

Don't you think that I can see how submitting to me excites you?
Do you really think you can resist my domination?
If you try to resist me, how long do you think you will last, before you are right back where you are now, naked and on your knees.... begging me for a taste of my anus?

These are the new rules:

From now on, you will undress in the garage after work, and dress there in the mornings.
You will be naked at all times while in the house, with the exception of your chastity device.

I have turned over all the housework to you along with the cooking and laundry.

I am going to allow lots of men to fuck me.

You will find big men to fuck me and beg them, to stretch me, your wife.

You will notice how my vagina becomes even more stretched.

You will worship me.
You will worship my friends.
You will worship my mother.
You will pleasure them in any way they see fit.

My mother and her friends will also have control of you.
You will worship their stretched, drooling, sloppy pussies......and thank them sincerely.

They will hold you down and smear their sopping wet pussies all over your face.
Over and over again.
Like me they are being stretched.
You will thank me.
You will thank them.

You will clean other men's sperm from our used, ruined vaginas.... you will beg and plead for more like the disgusting, perverted little worm that you are...

Do you understand the rules?

Good, now, keep licking.

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